1. True History of Iai-do (Hidden Truth) 
y2zHidden Fact (JYOHACHI Masano-jyo) author of the Tosa Shin-den Ryu Book of Secret.

  I assume you hear the name of JYOHACHI Masa-no-jyo, a samurai in Tosa, for the first time. This person himself fabricated the genealogy, naming himself as the 2nd headmaster in the collateral line and called the beginner's rank techniques as Ohmori Ryu. He was born as a poor samurai in Tosa, renamed himself as YAMAKAWA Kyuzo Yukio .  He can be said as the crook of all time. Tosa collateral sect and senior level in the All Japan Kendo Federation have hidden the existence of this person. The reason will be cleared why we couldnft find any mention of him in documents written by legitimate masters or indirect sect. You and I are right at the center of enigmatic history. How lucky we are. On the other hand, other readers who were deeply brainwashed by distorted history would find this article disgusting, but please stay calm and keep reading.

              I will introduce this enigmatic figure who has been hidden from the pre-War in the world of Iai-do in Japan.

              This key figure, JYOHACHI Masa-no-jyo, was expelled from the 14th headmaster, HAYASHI Yatayu Masataka in the Tosa clan by allegedly committing theft in 1818 (first year of Bunsei). He stole part of the Book of Secrets while he learned only a few forms. In the second year of Bunsei, Jyohachi renamed them as the Tosa Shin-den Ryu School Book of Secrets. He fabricated the 11 forms in the beginnerfs rank as Ohmori Ryu. In truth, these techniques had been invented by HAYASHI Gozae-mon Masayoshi, father of the 9th headmaster HAYASHI Rokudayu Morimasa, based on Ise school of Etiquettes. After this was done, Jyohachi renamed himself as YAMAKAWA Kyuzo Yukio.

              Jyohachi was invited for initiation to the full mastery by two apprentices of 14th headmaster HAYASHI Yatayu Masataka, IKOMA Michi-no-jyo (later instructor at Edo) and MATSUMOTO Hei-bei. Jyohachi fled to Edo, however, fearing of assassination. Nakayama probably didnft know such fact, but OHE who originally belonged to collateral sect perfected the legitimate Iai thoroughly and succeeded it. Ohe also forced reformation. Alienated from Ohe, Nakayama jumped into the opposition group. He was exploited by this collateral group. With Ohefs reformation, instructors was forced to stop charging learners certain cost for each technique. This made them loose bread and butter. Thus, the fake Ohmori Ryu spread widely in Japan. In the world of Iai-do, there are additional gains by selling swords. This is why collateral sect refused to follow Ohefs reformation. This sect first joined the All Japan Iai-do Federation which KONO Hyakuren established in 1964 (39th year of Showa), but rose in revolt. It eventually was incorporated under All Japan Kendo Federation, Iai section, and was used as running dog for the fake Shin-den Ryu. Instead, this sect received benefit to publish series of documents which acted as disease spreading germs.