1. True History of Iai-do (Hidden Truth)          
yRzThe Second Hidden Facti2j
@@           For long, I have paid attention to HAYASHI Roku-dayu Morimasa who became the 9th headmaster. Especially interesting point is that he was an instructor of Ise School of Etiquette and also a chief chef of the Tosa clan. From Hayashi clan, 10th, 12th and 14th headmasters were produced. Nevertheless, there is no mention of this Hayashi clan in documents both from legitimate sect and collateral sect. I suspected there must be something, thus, I started to research as I remarked first.

              From the moment I obtained some copies of Shotoku-ki from Tosa Yamauchi Family Treasury and Archives, I stepped into the mystery. I was stunned by a revelation after revelation. I wonder whether collateral sect and Iai-do instructors in All Japan Kendo Federation knew these.

              On October 10th, 5th year of Bunsei (1822), MATSUYOSHI Hachizaemon Hisamori (previously called YUI Sadasuke) passed away. This person is recorded as the 11th headmaster in the collateral sect by JYOHACHI. (collateral sect source says Matsuyoshi was the 12th headmaster.)

              From the moment I obtained some copies of Shotoku-ki from Tosa Yamauchi Family Treasury and Archives, I stepped into the mystery. I was stunned by a revelation after revelation. I wonder whether collateral sect and Iai-do instructors in All Japan Kendo Federation knew these.

              On October 10th, 5th year of Bunsei (1822), MATSUYOSHI Hachizaemon Hisamori (previously called YUI Sadasuke) passed away. This person is recorded as the 11th headmaster in the collateral sect by JYOHACHI. (collateral sect source says Matsuyoshi was the 12th headmaster.)

              Once Jyohachi realized Matsuyoshifs life was closing, he made Matsuyoshi the first of collateral sect in order to hide his past of theft and expulsion. Then, he became the second master. Because of this distortion, the 10th legitimate headmaster HAYASHI Yasudayu (adopted heir) was eliminated from the genealogy. OHGURO was newly put as the 10th, and Matsuyoshi came the 11th. Jyohachi furthermore named himself as the 12th. Matsuyoshi was the leader of a group which objected the adopted heir. Jyohachi thus entangled Ohguro, making him the 10th, and then Matsuyoshi, who was nothing to do with the Hayashi clan, the first of the collateral sect. Jyohachi also fabricated the forms, which were invented by HAYASHI Gozaemon Masayoshi, father of 9th headmaster, as Ohmori Ryu. He tried to avoid the inquisition by historians. He pretended that he was an apprentice of Matsuyoshi. In this way, he believed he could cover up his expulsion, theft and fact that he only had known a few techniques. His elaborate planning was exposed to this world by mysterious forces from the legitimate masters.

              These have been recorded precisely in documents at YAMAUCHI clan (their sub-line is called YAMANOUCHI) in Tosa domain. Documents didnft suffer the fire from the War and preserved until now. Modern technology of fax and postal system were very convenient.

              Here, fake Nakayama Shin-den Ryu which All Japan Kendo Federation promotes met collateral genealogy, and has brain washed people since November, 50th year of Showa (1975.) This was distributed from Nippon Budokan which stands right across from the Imperial Palace. The Federation knew the collateral sect genealogy had been forged, but it was too late to stop. They eliminated the HAYASHI clan which contributed greatly to the world of Iai-do. Much time and money were spent to cover the forgery. The Federation embraced such Nakayama and Jyohachifs historical perspective. And reality is that this cult-like organization continues to exist without any charge. Worldfs preeminent martial art of Japan, Iai-do has been defamed.

              This distorted historical perspective can be proved wrong by two publications. Dates and their contents make perfectly fit, putting puzzles together. I have in my hand a copy of Tosa domain Genealogy (housed at the Kochi Prefectural Library.) It records that HAYASHI Gozae-mon Masayoshi (previous name was IKEDA), the first of HAYASHI clan, was promoted to the chief chef in 1660 for the 3rd lord of Tosa domain. He himself was a son of a master-less samurai, but he had an ancestor who had served for Minister, ICHIJYO Norifusa. Gozae-mon was the 6th of Ikeda family. The first of Ikeda family, Bungo, escaped from Nara Prefecture during the confusion of the War of Ohnin in 1469 (first year of Bunmei) together with ICHIJYO Fusaie (son of above mentioned Norifusa.) Bungo also took his son Suke-goro and came to the area called Nakamura in Tosa. When Bungofs lord went to Hyogo Prefecture, he followed, leaving his son behind. And there they died in battle.


              The name of IKEDA Bungo (ancestor to HAYASHI family) was already recorded and published in 1981 (56th year of Showa.) Remarkably, in Budo Taikan(Encyclopedia of Martial Art), Ikeda Bungo was described that he had not been so enthusiastic about Iai. The person who is the ancestor of HAYASHI clan had been recorded, meaning, document witnessed his existence. Also in the Bugei-Ryuha Dai Jiten (Great Dictionary of Martial art schools) describes HAYASHI Gozae-mon instructed the 9th headmaster of sword fighting. OHMORI Rokuro-zaemon was mentioned that he apprenticed to the 7th master, Eishin, and then expelled. Later on, OHMORI was absolved expulsion by performing 11 forms from the beginners rank in front of Eishin. This description about expulsion reflects the situation of Jyohachi.

              It is clear that these two publications witnessed the history of Hayashi clan, and the truth about Jyohachi.

              Ifd like to consider how this series of cover-ups was done. We are getting into an important point. What was the reason why the Federation didnft want people know? What was the cause, and who found the evidence? Also lies made by OGASAWARA School of Manner and YAGYU School have been evident which originated from a certain KAMOfs introductory book for Iai-do.

              Was it Tosa collateral sect (Nakayama group in All Japan Kedo Federation Kochi office) who did the research, or Budo Taikan and Bugei Ryu-ha Jiten? One of the hypothesis is that Tosa collateral sect knew all about the true Hayashi lineage, expulsion of JYOHACHI and birth of Shin-den Book of Secrets, then had the Budo Taikan and Bugei Ryu-ha Jiten distort the truth in exchange of some money.  Another hypothesis is that seniors in Budo Taikan and Bugei Ryu-ha Jiten informed history of Hayashi and JYOHACHI's expulsion to All Japan Kendo Federation, and then had them buy.

              I would like you to recount the memory. Time was after the War. The 20th headmaster, KONO Hyakuren was led into the storeroom of Yamauchi by SODA Torahiko, collateral sect. There, SODA handed the Tosa Shin- den Ryu Book of Secret to KONO. (Book of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iai Heiho was published in 1954, based on this.) At this time, Soda didn't give him Hayashi genealogy.

              Did Soda know the lineage or not? I assumed he knew. Collateral sect came to an agreement that they would cover up Jyohachi's distortion of Hayashi genealogy. Nakayama of course acknowledged it. He already knew the fact when he called himself as master of Shin-den Ryu school. He probably bought it. Collateral sect made use of the 20th headmaster Kono Hyakuren in order to inform Shin- den Ryu widely to the public. We can no longer understand the deceased Kono Hyakuren's sorrow. He left his last will, leaving the research to his younger generations. And I succeeded this will.

              Nakayama did not want the true Hayashi genealogy and Tosa Shin-den Ryu Book of Secret which Yamakawa forged go public. Otherwise, Nakayama and Shin-den Ryu couldn't stand. He would no longer be able to pay off to All Japan Kendo Federation. Thus, DANZAKI, Nakayama's apprentice, recovered. He collected from brainwashed Kendo learners and readers of Budo Taikan and Bugei Ryu-ha Jiten. A famous writer MISHIMA Yukio was one of them. (He bought forged MAGOROKU in Seki sword for tens of millions of yen, and killed himself in Ichigaya.)

              Now the truth that have been kept secret for long time became evident. Our reader finally realized how the Hayashi genealogy had been distorted. No one could have guessed it.

              Furthermore, this conspiracy plan which a certain KAMO wrote in the Introduction to Iai-do was succeeded to All Japan Kendo Federation. In December, 50th year of Showa (1975), the 20th headmaster KONO Hyakuren passed away. The Federation was certain that the newly established organization by Kono, All Japan Iai-do Federation, would split after Konofs death. Therefore, Kendo Federation carefully planned a deception. All Japan Kendo Federation used Ski Journal Publishing as its running dog. The company planned to publish Kendo Monthly. The Federation prepared by receiving special admission at the Japan National Railways on December 16th, 50th year of Showa, and distributed the journal at stores in major stations along the Yamanote-line.

              Then, based on the number of distribution at stores in stations in metropolitan area, it applied for the third class mail service to the Japan Post Office. This was admitted next year on February 5th, 51th year of Showa. (this service gives discounts of postal costs.)

              Kendo Monthly was formatted its style as a regular magazine and kept distributed in bookstores in Japan. This continued for 33 years, forcing wrong history education. Naive and obsessed Kendo learners and general public were led into this cult, and had no way out. The future and stability of this cult depends on whether a great punishment awaits or not.

              Over the years, the fake Iai-do was to be completed, but now, the secret has been discovered. Originated from the Kendo Monthly article in November, 1975, which described Nakayama as the 15th headmaster, itfs function is going to bring the curtain down.

              I recalled a statement in Britannica which says any race without the knowledge of its history would be equal to a slave. Now, a race which was impressed by intentionally distorted history wouldnft even be called a slave. For a long time, public, less than a slave, as animal, was exploited financially (payment for taking promotion tests and attending seminars.) Not only that, we were exploited mentally. John Locke in Great Britain says in his Two Treatises of Government that people possess natural rights to defend themselves. Liberty and Independence are to be obtained.

              Jan Jacques Rousseau in France advocated importance of education. One with no education would become a slave without recognizing. One with no education wouldnft recognize being exploited. The cult forces to put public under control with impression and excitement using the fabricated documents. Now the sad history was proved. What would be the future of those Kendo practitioners who are physically and mentally sound, but obsessed with wrong history?  Both crooks in Tosa and Edo will continue to bear this disgraced historical truth forever. Now, all swordsmen need to say farewell to this fake Iai-do, and then make an effort to inherit and preserve this right and historic school.

              I sometimes wonder how they generated fund for this conspiracy plan. It must have needed tens of millions of yen for publishing. Usually journals dealing with martial arts are not distributed much, thus most likely in red figure. The Federation forced each branch and educational institutions to buy copies even though it had no value. The rest of the copies were sent to bookstores in Japan, and eventually, they get moldy and discarded. This fund was originated from peoplefs tax. The Federation used governmental grant for this conspiracy and forced its fabricated history to people. For a long time, I believed in the content of this monthly journal. No way!